Cowboy State Games

Defending Winter Triathlon Champion trains for health and happiness.

If you’re looking to jump start or stay on track with a New Year’s resolution, Christy Olsen has some advice: get outside this January.

“Anytime you can be outside is going to be more fun than being in a gym, I think. As long as you dress warmly, the mountain in the winter is the most beautiful experience you can have. The summer is pretty, but there’s something special about the winter with the snow and sun,” she said.

Recently, Olsen has been training for the Cowboy State Games Cold Avenger Winter Triathlon Saturday, Jan. 28, which features consecutive 5K races of Fatbiking, nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Even as the race’s two-time defending champion, her goals are simple: have fun and stay fit.

“An hour in the gym can crawl by, whereas an hour on the mountain never feels like an hour. This race is unique because how often do you get to Fatbike, ski and snowshoe all in row? Training for all three means a lot of variety, and I get to be outside,” Olsen said.

To participate in this annual event, you don’t need to be competing with Olsen for her spot on the podium. With a team triathlon, individual 5K Fatbike, snowshoe and ski races as well as the individual triathlon, the Cowboy State Games are perfect for any fitness level.

“There’s such a wide array of experience and so many different ways to compete. There’s a lot of people who have hardly ever done these events and others who don’t feel like they’re in good shape. Use this race to try out the equipment. Be on a team. Just go up there and have a good time. I like competition. It brings out the best in people,” she said.

And as an added bonus of developing your fitness, you’re also going to find new friends.

“I’ve never met a nicer group of people, which is a big reason I’ve stayed involved in this. I’ve seen more people on the trails in the last two years than I had seen in the 20 years before that, which is a testament to how well they’re developing the trails and this great community,” Olsen said.

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