Craig's Floor and Window Coverings

Craig's Floor and Window Coverings celebrates 7 years in business

Seven years ago... without a job and looking at what his next chapter in life was going to entail, Craig Haase went to his wife, Misti, searching for advice. Her suggestion to him...use your knowledge. Craig had sold flooring and window coverings for a previous employer. That is what started the next chapter in their lives.

They started looking for a location, calling all previous contacts, borrowing money, working late nights painting and tiling the new showroom with a 10 month old, a one year old and a 2 year old in tow, ordering displays, setting up accounts, borrowing more money. With both Craig and Misti's experience having flipped two homes in Lander, and both their background in sales, everything came together. Along the journey of setting up the business and getting ready to open the doors, they talked about what their plan was for the store. In all the conversations about the store, the reoccurring topic was 'shopping local'.


Craig and Misti wanted people to be able to get quality products at fair prices, hoping to entice people to shop local. No need to take your money out of our community. They wanted to give people the opportunity to invest in their community. For every blind ordered or laminate flooring job installed, Craig and Misti use the money they make to shop local as much as possible. They hope that shopping local will become commonplace for the citizens of Lander, making this beautiful, amazing town even better than it already is.

In the summer of 2012, Craig and Misti had earned enough local business that they were able to move their location to gorgeous, downtown Main Street in Lander. With the communities support and the willingness of Landerites to shop local and invest in their community, they hope to continue to grow and offer quality affordable flooring and window treatments for years to come.

Celebrate with Craig and Misti at their 7th Anniversary Sale!

  • Dreamweaver Carpet is 20% off with free shipping
  • Graber Cellular blinds save $60.00 per cordless blind
  • Villa Collection Hardwood 20% off
  • Coloumbia Luxury Planks are 20% off

Stop in and say hello to Craig and Misti and the kids (who are now 8, 9 and 10)!

Craig's Floor & Window Covering
546 Main Street in Lander