FAQs on Crawlspace to Basement Conversions at JD Concrete

Fox River Grove, Illinois – If you need more space at home for whatever purpose you have, one amazing home improvement project that will provide for this need of yours is a crawlspace to basement conversion. Fortunately for you, JD Concrete can turn your crawlspace to a full and functional basement in just 15 days!

The main benefits of transforming your crawlspace to basement is obviously more space for you to utilize. Whether you need more living space to accommodate your growing family or simply need a bigger place to store your belongings, a newly constructed basement is the best solution to your need for space and JD Concrete is the best company to give you just this.

JD Concrete has a total of staff experience for over 60 years in the business. These expert contractors have done long hours of hard work to finish numerous challenging projects. Their years of experience enabled them to possess impeccable expertise and craftsmanship when it comes to crawlspace to basement conversions, room additions, flatworks, and other special projects. Moreover, their unwavering dedication allowed them to establish a good reputation not only in their service areas in Fox River Grove and surroundings regions, but as well as in the industry too. True enough, JD Concrete’s quality work and customer services is something that cannot be surpassed easily. They follow high quality standards and treat their clients like family. This way, these professionals do not only provide better living for their customers, but also give them a smooth and hassle free process in every project.

When it comes to a crawlspace to basement conversions, most people have a lot of questions in mind. They often doubt the efficiency of the work because they are not well aware of its perks and how easy the entire process is. To shed some light, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

• How reliable is a crawlspace to basement conversion?

This type of work has been in use for more than six decades. Over the years, engineers and contractors grow more knowledgeable of the process and better methods are developed for a better quality work. Most people doubt the effectiveness of this kind of project because they are not yet aware that this opportunity exists as well as all the perks that it brings. But rest assured, a crawlspace to basement conversion is safe, efficient, easy, and affordable, especially with JD Concrete.

• How long does it take?

JD Concrete prides itself for a quick and efficient crawlspace conversion. With only 15 days, your basement will be all set to take on any purpose you deem necessary for it to serve. Moreover, these experts will do all the work with minimal disruption, so that you can continue with your daily activities with ease.

• Can this be a DIY project?

No. Crawlspace conversions require an expert engineer and a knowledgeable contractor. This project involves meddling with the area where your home systems are placed as well as your home’s foundations, with all the excavation and construction process. One wrong move and it could cause damages to your home and worse, it could be fatal. Thus, entrust this work only to the hands of JD Concrete professionals. These experts will do the job with finesse, guaranteeing you with safe and quality work.

• Is moving out necessary?

Unlike any other home improvement projects, a crawlspace to basement conversions do not require the residents of the property to move out. Again, you can go on with your daily activities with ease and with minimal disturbance. With JD Concrete specialists, you are assured that you are completely safe during the entire process and you can go on with your life as if there is no construction going under your home.

• Will home utilities like be affected?

Temporarily, yes. It is necessary to relocate your electric, gas, and water lines before the construction begins. Crawlspaces house all these systems and it is important to protect it from any damage along the way. However, this relocation will not last more than a few hours. Again, JD Concrete will ensure that you will be able to live comfortably all throughout the construction process. 

These are just some of the questions about crawlspace to basement conversions. If you have any more questions and concerns, never hesitate to reach JD Concrete at 847-516-9290 or For more details, you can also visit Remember, for better space and better living, always go for JD Concrete.