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Curry Painting Company: All the Expert Painting Jobs You Need

Never take the significance of curb appeal too lightly. The state of the outside of a house is as important as the inside. Whether you are selling or buying a house in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the first thing you judge is the exterior. Curry Painting Company Thomas Curry Inc. is your best partner to making your home beautiful again.

It makes a whole lot of difference when the house is newly painted. Painting your home with a new color scheme makes it look new and interesting. If you are ready to make a change and need exterior painting service in Deerfield Beach, FL, Curry Painting Company is the excellent way to go. Why so?

Curry Painting Company has:


The company has worked with so many clients and is continuing to add more homeowners and businessmen to their long list. It is important that before you hire a contractor, ensure that you check their references. A list of real clients is proof of their quality services and expertise. You can also ask about their previous experience with the company, and you also get to know how the company works first hand.


They have expert workers who are not only skillful, but are also updated with the development of new techniques and applications. Their exterior and interior painters in Deerfield Beach, FL are highly trained. They always apply new concepts to their jobs, making sure that every project meets the satisfaction of each client.

Wide Client Base

It is very possible that one of your acquaintances has worked with Curry Painting Company before. They work extensively with numerous clients around Florida from small homes to high rise buildings. They have been employed by different kinds of clients with all types of small jobs like painting rooms, ceilings, decks, garage to big projects like school buildings, apartment complexes and hospitals. Their services are widely known all over the state.

Extensive Services

At Curry Painting Company, they offer a great deal of services for both interior and exterior painting projects. In fact, you can hire them for small jobs like painting one room of the house or just the deck. They can make any room feel fresh and pleasing just the way you want it. In fact, they are experts on interior design and remodeling.

If you do not require painting the whole interior of your house, they offer: wall and ceiling painting, wall washing and preparation, wallpaper removal, popcorn removal, gap caulking, furniture protection, crown molding and trim painting, texture addition or removal, kitchen and bathroom painting and remodeling, garage floor and cabinet painting, trim carpentry, floor lamination, light carpentry, interior remodeling, door installations, crown and trim remodeling, and full walk-through to meet customer expectations.

On the other hand, their exterior painting service in Deerfield Beach, FL as well as in other areas covers the following: exterior house painting, deck refinishing and painting, fence painting, pressure washing, condo painting, high rise painting, roof painting, epoxy coating, garage door painting, pave sealing and painting, outdoor re-caulking, winter weatherproofing, brick painting, pool painting, aluminum siding painting, concrete sealing, window and door caulking and exterior wood repair. All of these services are done professionally and efficiently. They will clean out after each job to make sure that everything is back to how they were.

You can also opt to avail of their plaster and dry wall services to make the painting last longer. Most homes today use dry wall as it is the more popular and more affordable of the two. It is much simpler than plaster and it is easier to paint. Plaster is the newer style of interior design that is more laborious. It provides a more beautiful look and a sound proof barrier. It is more commonly used on ceilings than walls. At Curry Painting Company, they are experts on both dry wall or plaster installation and repair.

Curry Painting Company’s services are perfect for any home renovation or commercial painting projects. Take your next project to an incredible level with their interior and exterior painting service in Deerfield Beach, FL. Curry Painting Company has free estimates and services that are priced reasonably and within your budget. If you need assistance for a simple patch work or commercial renovation, call Curry Painting Company at 561-574-747. Make no mistake in your first step of home renovation and partner only with a highly experienced and trusted company. Curry Painting Company is the only way to go if you want the best services available to you. Visit to know more.