Sarah Fawaz

Sarah Fawaz Is a Dedicated Realtor Having Almost Two Decades of Experience in the Real Estate Industry

Sarah Fawaz is a professional real estate agent having 18 years of experience in sales, marketing and branding. She considers her customers as the top priority and ensures that their expectations are fulfilled in a timely manner. She guides them throughout the complex process of buying/selling a property. Being a dedicated realtor, she works for flexible hours for her clients and directs them to the correct property according to their desires and requirements. Besides her in-depth knowledge of real estate, she is known for her work ethics, honesty and integrity.

Sarah Fawaz is also a skilled architect committed to designing excellent models for a diverse range of residential real estate projects. She provides her clients with a number of options in home designs as per the latest trends. She keeps herself updated with all the recent developments in the real estate industry by reading online blogs and magazines. Sarah is also an experienced home designer having excellent know-how of all types of residential designs.

Sarah Fawaz has developed a great reputation as a trusted agent in Dearborn and has excelled her career in a positive direction. She is involved in a lot of philanthropic work as well. She donates money to the events that are dedicated towards eradicating poverty from the society and educating the poor children. She has contributed to the Orphan Fundraisers and for the poor in the Middle East.

Sarah Fawaz is married to Joe Fawaz, who is an experienced automotive professional having an auto care center in Detroit. At the center, he provides a wide range of services including repairs for all kinds of vehicular problems. He also owns a scrapyard, where he recycles automotive vehicles that are damaged by accidents from individuals as well as corporations. Joe and Sarah have two children. They plan frequent family picnics to spend quality time with each other. Sarah also loves to cook and travel.