Custom home builder Orlando

MJS Construction Services:What the Best Custom Home Builder, Orlando has to Offer

Every land owner has a dream home in mind.It is the place which reflects their dreams, and makes their dreams and hopes come true. However, owning a piece of land is just the first step to owning your dream house. In order to make that dream a reality, you need to hire a good custom home builder. This is where we come in – MJS Construction Services, the best custom home builder Orlando has to offer.

If you own a piece of land in Orlando and are looking to get started on the construction of your dream house, then look no further than us. MJS Construction Services strives to provide you with the best possible service that you deserve, at the lowest possible price. We take pride in taking on each project with devotion and dedication, and settle for nothing less than outstanding excellence in design, craftsmanship, and cost transparency.

Our experience of more than two decades allows us toensure our clients that they end up with an end producttailor-made for their particular lifestyle. Our team of highly qualified, skilled, and dedicated professionals will listen to your needs and demands, down to the very last detail, and they will not rest until you have the exact home you have always dreamed of owning. They make it their mission to handle each and every project – big or small – with equal importance, and excel at working on schedule and operating within budget, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. All these reasons combined makes MJS Construction Services the best custom home builder Orlando can offer you.

Our process for building your dream home consists of 8 stages:

1. Initial

2. Financing (discussion)

3. Plans and Designs

4. Contract

5. Financing (review, underwrite, and appraisalof the proposed custom home by the lender of your choice)

6. Closing

7. Construction

8. Finalized

Our dedication to fulfilling your dreams and building your dream home for you is what sets us apart from other home builders. We take pride in the fact that our customers receive only the highest quality of care, attention, and service, ensuring in the process that they get the best custom home builder Orlando experience.

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