Where do celebrities enjoy their coddled privacy? Soaked in pools

Let’s try to imagine how your day would look if you would be a celebrity? You probably picture yourself drinking sparkling wine on the side of your own pool. You would have your expensive sunglasses on your nose and you would plan your next exotic trip. Well, there are people who spend all day trying to figure out where they should spend the following vacation, because they have seen almost every corner of the world. They are the ones who invest in their pools twice the sum your house sells for. Some celebrities prefer huge pools, other want to add fountains to the pool, while some prefer a cosy atmosphere and opt for a patio décor. But if it were to try to imagine how they look, you would probably not be able to conceive, because they seem to be taken from a fairy tales book. Here you will find the name of the celebrities who own the most amazing pools in the world.



Every top, concerning celebrity pools should start with Drake, because he transformed the outdoor space into a torch-lit grotto. If you check the pictures of his pool, you will definitely remain distracted for a couple of minutes, even if you will scroll through pictures of other properties. So let’s take a couple of moments to share the outdoor grounds Drake owns. When looking at his pool you may have the impression that you see the most tricked-out pool of the planet. The outdoor space of his property seems to be a peaceful oasis. The grotto has double waterfalls, torches, a Ping-Pong table and even a fire place. Crazy, right? His backyard could be used to film a Disney musical, because it even features a rectangle of sand that can be used to lay beach volleyball. The pool and its surroundings make someone feel like in a retreat oasis, where swimming is the last thing you would do, considering that you have so many other options from which you can choose.

Adam Levine

When it comes to Adam Levine’s pool, what amazes us is the breath-taking view you have if you soak in it. If you would have the opportunity to swim with the Maroon 5 frontman you would admire the rolling hills from the back of his house. And this is not the only feature that makes it unique, if you take a look at its shape you will notice that it not quite octagonal, not quite round, not quite square. It is somehow a mix between all of these. The space is perfect for spending a relaxing day because it is accessorised with reclining chairs. All these characteristics make it a truly minimalist space, and we simply love it. Think about that Drake!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus owns multiple properties, and we could write an entire article only about the swimming pools she has. But, we will refer to the inground space the Hidden Hills mansion has. This pool is placed in a shady spot in the back of the house, where you can relax when you want to get away in a cosy space. If Miley rides horses during the hot season, then we know where she cools off. She soaks up in the pool after she picks some grapes from her own vineyard.


Everyone knows Rihanna, but few know how her houses look. Well, this property is not really hers, because she rented it, but the house has a naught history. The property in Sunset Strip is owned by a DJ and it was the property of the creator of Rockstar energy drinks. And as you can imagine high class has nothing to do with this house and pool, because if you could view the pool from above, you will notice that it resembles a penis. Yes, you heard it right! You may ask yourself who would want to build this type of pool? Or who would want to buy a house featuring it? Well, there is a buyer for every product, and Rihanna is “rude” enough to rent it.

Casey Kasem

If it were to check the look of Casey Kasem house you would notice that it has numerous unique features. But we will check only the pool that has a heart-shaped form. It is placed in the back-yard of the house and it is the perfect place for a happy couple to enjoy some intimate moments. We do not know exactly if this was the idea of the inground pool builder of if Casey Kasem decided the shape of the pool but we think it is a bold idea to try. And where you count that the pool has three pavilions, two bathhouses and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The property also features a golf course and a tennis court, so there is no wonder that it is a retreat oasis.

Ashton Kutcher

Well, this house is no longer in Ashton Kutcher possession, but we have to mention it in this article, because it is one of the few houses of the world that has a floating dinning area above the pool. The property is located in Hollywood Hills and the patio has an amazing view of Lake Hollywood. We bet Kutcher regrets selling it. He had to opt for a safer house, because now he is a happy father. Well, we know for sure there is a homeowner who enjoys spending time at the pool right now.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a fashion queen and her Ritz-Carlton property shows it. Some people would say that it is an Olympic-sized pool, but maybe this is how she maintains her slim figure, by swimming all day long in this beautiful pool. This house was owned by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who sold it from around $7 million. No one wonders why the older Jenner sister decided to pay the sum, she loves privacy and this backyard spot offers it. There are no bells and whistles, it is a simple blue pool that invites you to soak in.