Making money out of a hobby – is it possible?

If you have been thinking about making a change in your lifestyle, and finding the time to pursue activities that actually allow you to have a bit of fun, adopting a hobby is something that you should consider. Hobbies can enrich your life, boost your mental health and give you the chance to become a happier individual in general, but you should also know that if you choose the right option here, you can get something more out of it. There are some hobby ideas that may also bring you some financial benefits. Here are some of the hobbies people have managed making money from:


If you have always had a way with words, and are good at writing, and enjoy doing it as well, this is something that comes with financially rewarding prospects. Writing and publishing your articles has quite the potential here, and it’s regarded as much more than just a mere hobby. There are many great ways in which you can use your talent and passion for writing to make money. You can start a blog and share high quality content on certain subjects, which may eventually turn into a blog-based business , or you can use writing as an actual service, by joining different freelancing platforms. Nowadays, many businesses are in need of great content, and will pay good writers to help them cover their needs in this department. Making money off your writing abilities can be easier than you might have expected.

Metal detecting

You can’t deny how exciting going treasure hunting is. The experience in itself is thrilling, allowing you to have fun, stay active and do something out of the ordinary. Metal detecting can actually turn into your favorite hobby, once you get a taste of how enjoyable it can be. Because it in fact involves you hunting for “treasure”, the odds of coming across something valuable can often be high ones, depending on the location you are exploring. While going on a metal detecting trip might not automatically mean you will find something of value each and every time, once you become more experienced, financial gains can be achieved. If you engage in this activity regularly, know how to properly maneuver your equipment (which might take a while, but you can in fact master it), and know the ideal places for metal hunting, each of your trips might bring you something worthwhile. However, keep in mind that there are certain regulations and restriction when it comes to metal detecting, so look into the subject before you start hunting for treasures in places you are actually not allowed to.


If you believe you have strong ideas and powerful opinions to share with the world, or there is a certain topic that you excel at, why not make yourself present in the online and start a vlog channel? Vlogging has become one of the most financially rewarding hobbies, and you are able to see that if you check how many subscribers some vloggers have nowadays. It doesn’t matter if you want to talk about fashion, movies or do tutorials, depending on your area of expertise, you can create your own “online businesses” by starting to post videos on YouTube.


When you spend more than a couple of hours a day playing video games, and have become actually good at it, you should know that this industry is constantly growing, and there are money-making opportunities available for gamers. One powerful example would be streaming. Gaming enthusiasts that want to learn from the best can actually pay to watch you in action.


Whether it’s a beautiful home decoration, jewelry or even a furniture item, creating things yourself, from scratch, can bring an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the table. Crafting has been pointed out on numerous occasions to be one of the most appealing hobbies, giving the opportunity to work with your hands, use your creativity and actually see the results of your efforts. If you manage to master DIY projects, and design interesting and unique items, you can then think about selling them. People are dawn to handmade objects, due to their authenticity and uniqueness, so the odds of your crafts being appealing to certain buyers are high ones. You can see your creations on sites such as Etsy, or simply start out on a smaller scale, by selling to friends and family.


If you are always telling jokes and all your friends seem to love it, if you are the center of attention at any group gathering, and people seem to not get enough of your humor, why not take it one level further, and actually present your jokes in front of a bigger audience? Stand up comedy is a great way of expressing yourself, and while you can start out small, at a bar, during an open mic night, if things go well, and you are always making your audience laugh, you can start an online hobby out of making comedy. Videos posted on YouTube, jokes shared on social media – nowadays, it’s easy to get exposure if you are really good at comedy. Once you build your own audience, opportunities of generating money will not take long to appear – from sponsored posts to collaborations with different brands, the possibilities here are plenty.

Doing something you love, and actually making money off it can seem like an improbable thing, but not if you start pursuing the right hobby. As you can see, there are a few fun activities that will allow you not only to enjoy yourself while engaging in them but possibly make a bit of money as well. From metal detecting to gaming, take into account these suggestions and consider developing a hobby that is actually promising in terms of potential gains as well. Hobbies are an essential party of a balanced lifestyle, and when you can gain something more off them, besides fun and relaxation, things become that more appealing.