How offering free counselling programs helps companies retain their employees

Yearly new trends arise in the business world and businesspersons cannot keep their worries away. They need to find a new way to retain their employees, who can easily find a better offer on the market if they would search for one. Because stress is a present factor in the workplace it’s your role as the manager of the company to find a solution to help your employees to fight it. It may sound surprising to find out that among the benefits business are offering to their employees, counselling programs are some of the most wanted. However, you should not have second thoughts because it can benefit your business and it can help you retain your workers.


What is employee counselling?

Some people consider counselling healthcare for their brain. It’s the best solution for someone who wants to deal with their psychological problems. If you offer your employees access to counselling you help them solve their problems and enhance their productivity.

 Stress is something all of us are dealing with and it affects our motivation, willpower and satisfaction. Counselling is one of the most successful ways to cope with stress so if you want to show your employees that their wellbeing is your priority you should facilitate their access to counselling programs.

What does counselling offer to your employees?

Your employees spend most of their time at the office, working, so they are dedicating most of their life to your business’ success. But during the process of work, it’s common for people to face problems like bullying, stress, and emotional instability. These problems can lead to destructive behaviour, so you should help them prevent it. It’s understandable that workers are stressed out because they are in a constant race against enormous targets, short deadlines, goals and accomplishments. And their personal dramas add to all the above.

If you establish a counselling program, your employees can benefit from it because they can access it in a very secretive and confidential help. An expert would help them deal with their problems, being them stress, alcohol addiction, marital problems or other issues that may affect their performance. It’s important to hire a counselling practitioner specialised in stress control if your employees are exposed to high levels of work that can cause this psychological disorder. By alleviating the source of stress, they can focus on their tasks and improve their quality of work.

Employees highly value counselling, and if you offer them access to a free program, they will appreciate your effort. When choosing the company they prefer to work for many people compare the benefits different businesses provide and they accept the offer that brings them the greatest advantages.

 A counselling program can also lower the possibility of absenteeism and it helps you save money. When stressed out people are more likely to get ill and to absent from work. Also, studies show that it’s more difficult to work with people affected by high stress because they lose some of their teamwork skills and patience. Therapy allows them to relieve stress and to use it in a constructive way. A counselling program helps you grow your business by enhancing your employees’ productivity.

When should you hire a counsellor to help your employees?

Behaviour changes

When people are dealing with difficulties at work, you can notice it in their behaviour. Specialists state that their personality tends to become explosive and their co-workers will find difficult to collaborate with them. Some of them lose their temper even if they were known as people with great ability to control their anger. If you notice a sudden change, you should try to identify the stress factors that are leading to this situation. Sometimes removing the factors is enough for someone to regain their normal behaviour. If this is not the case, the help of a counsellor can prove highly valuable.

 Work irritability

This is another sign that your employees should take part in a counselling program. Constant irritability is a clear symptom of psychological problems and only a specialist can help them deal with it. If you notice that one of your employees gets irritated because of a small problem in the workplace it can be the result of an issue they are dealing with privately.

Increased occurrence of accidents

Sometimes because of the high levels of stress people are dealing with, they lose their focus and they are more likely to experience workplace accidents. Sadness and depression are mental problems that prevent people from conducting their work flawlessly and they can make mistakes that can endanger their health.

In addition, if you hear too much “Oops, I made a mistake!” it should ring a bell. Productivity is always affected by stress and personal problems. Counselling is the best solution in many situations, so you should consider including it in the employee benefits your company offers.