Need Relief from Migraine Headaches? Check These Holistic Approaches to Ease Your Pain

If you’re dealing with chronic migraine or headaches, most probably you have a well-thought list of strategies you must put into practice as soon as the pain sets in. Headaches can be totally incapacitating and it’s even more difficult than one would think to find relief. Surely you can always pop a Tylenol but this won’t offer the same results for everyone, for this reason, it might be time to consider some holistic remedies for headaches, which are known to approach your pain from a whole new perspective than western medicine.

What is holistic medicine? Is one of the routes that many patients dealing with migraines often consider when seeking solutions for their condition. Holistic treatments are also known as “integrative” or “complementary” and they can be helpful when used alongside conventional treatments. Some successful examples of holistic treatment include acupuncture, meditation and mindfulness.

According to the American Holistic Health Association, holistic medicine has been defined as a form of healing that addresses the whole individual, together with their soul, mind and body. However, you should keep in mind that not all these strategies will necessarily work for you, so make sure you consult with your doctor before making a decision.

 A Smarter Diet

Migraines as you know, aren’t like typical headaches. If it happens to experience them, you’ll immediately recognize after symptoms like nausea, pounding pain and a huge sensitivity to sound and light. When a migraine strikes, you’d everything possible to make it go away. But how about some changes in your diet? A great way to approach your health from a holistic point of view is to pay maximum attention to how nutrition affects your physical and mental wellness.

A healthy eating habit, including avoiding anything that contains additive, preservative and processed foods, may work wonders for those struggling with migraine. Thus, introducing as many natural foods in your lifestyles such as fresh fruits and veggies, chiefly anything with an ingredient list that you can actually understand, might alleviate migraine symptoms or at least it could just be a great way to try out some new recipes and enjoy cooking.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care is one of the most famous holistic approaches for acute migraine. This includes a combination of spinal manipulation, massage, active and passive exercises. As previously mentioned, even though chiropractic treatment is popular, there is little evidence regarding its efficiency for all types of headaches. But for those who’re dealing with migraines, often characterized by nausea and dizziness, chiropractic therapy options like neuromuscular massage and multidisciplinary care intervention have been found to be effective in reducing migraine pain, duration, frequency and disability.

Before doing anything that might impact your health, we suggest you consult with a chiropractor for migraines and get the necessary information before implementing this holistic strategy in your lifestyle. However, you should keep in mind that chiropractic treatment isn’t among the most efficient treatments for migraines, although you may experiment with various chiropractic treatments

Consider Essential Oils

Yes, essential oils are sometimes used for migraines. Mind, body and spirit rejuvenators, essential oils provide a natural approach to healing, grooming your overall-well-being but most importantly, it can relieve migraine symptoms. For instance, lavender oil is the essential oil most often found to mitigate the effects of migraine.

Essential oils are an accessible source and can also be used to alleviate sleeping issues and allergies. Eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint essential oils are also extreme effects when it comes to chronic head pain. Specialists recommend dabbing some of the oil right on your temples or you could just pour a few drops into your humidifier and let the alluring scents to fill your room and mind. Certainly, you can try one at the time, but many people prefer to combine all three scents although it can be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t Overlook Yoga

Stress is the main cause for migraines as mentioned by many who’ve struggled with this issue along the time. It’s essential that when we deal with some level of stress to be completely aware of when that anxiety is getting to a point where it is too much for you to handle. Specialists stated that yoga can be a wonderful tool for reducing stress and muscle tension. Thus, random activities that we usually overlook in our lives, like running, walking swimming or cycling may bring anxiety-reducing effects. Don’t cease to do what you enjoy when stress takes control over your day, it’s all about finding what works best for your mind and body. In general, physical activity might just reduce some of the stress you deal with every day and also puts you in a better mindset. When in doubt, don’t forget to swat a bit and toss out that stress.

Herbal supplements

Some of the oldest holistic approaches are supplements made from herbs. Feverfew and butterburs are known to mitigate the effects of acute migraine. According to the American Migraine Foundation, a daily dose of 15 milligrams of butterbur has shown great results in lowering migraine frequency if taken for 3 months.  

The study also suggested that in contrast with butterbur, feverfew is less efficient. However, feverfew has proven efficient only for a small number of people accusing acute migraine. Since there are some risks involved in using these herbs without proper guidance, we suggest you speak with your doctor first.

Apart from these holistic solutions, you should stress the importance of proper diet, hydration, and a steady sleep schedule, this are crucial needs which should not miss from your lifestyle. Usually, these problems should not be avoided especially when they persist and debilitate you. Remember to always seek medical advice in order to find a treatment that works for you and try to figure out small changes in the lifestyle that could improve your mental wellness and discover what might trigger your symptoms. If necessary, you can keep a migraine journal to identify remedies and triggers for remedies.