Locals sign petition to put city administrator issue to a vote; Cheyenne has a vote on the same issue Nov. 10

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — A local woman collecting signatures on petition to allow Sheridan residents the chance to vote on whether to have a city administrator has collected around 180 of the 523 signatures needed to call for a special election by the beginning of December. The Sheridan City Council unanimously passed an ordinance allowing for the hire of a city administrator by the city council on Oct. 6, after two previous readings, and the city has set aside about $160,000 of its $55 million 2015-16 biennium budget for the position. But Vicki Taylor, who is collecting the signatures, thinks the issue should go to the voters . [image: unnamed-121.jpg] In Cheyenne, Dally sister site Shortgo reports that the Cheyenne League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan member organization who encourage informed participation in the political process by all citizens, is facilitating a public discussion on the issue of the proposed city administrator. The voters in Cheyenne will head to the polls Nov. 10 to vote on whether their city should appoint an administrator to take over several duties that are currently under the mayor’s responsibilities. The change would take effect in 2017, after the current term of Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen. “Cheyenne is the biggest city in Wyoming, at about 60,000 residents, and is the only large municipality with a mayor as chief executive who runs the day-to-day operations of the city,” Marguerite Herman of the Cheyenne LWV told ShortGo readers. “The people (of Sheridan) should get to vote on this. This is not something that should be brought to us by the city, by the government,” Taylor said. Taylor plans to be outside the Post Office, weather permitting, from around 9:30-11:30 a.m. on weekdays until she has collected enough signatures to call for the election, or until early December. She will also be in the old Woolworth’s Building basement under the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce in the afternoons. “If people want the city administrator, then come and vote for it,” Taylor said. “I just want people to have the chance to vote for this form of corporate government if they want it.” #dally