Daylight Savings ends Sunday, SFR says change your smoke detector batteries

*h/t Sheridan Fire Rescue* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — Change your clock, change your batteries — that’s the rule, according to Sheridan Fire-Rescue. Daylight Savings Time 2015 ends on Sunday at 2 a.m., and Sheridan Fire Rescue wants to remind everyone to change the batteries in their smoke detectors when they change the time on their clocks this weekend. After changing the batteries, make sure the smoke detectors work by testing them. “WORKING smoke detectors save lives in the event of a fire!!!” SFR says. According to the Farmers Almanac , credit for Daylight Saving Time belongs to Benjamin Franklin, who first suggested the idea in 1784. It was used off and on throughout the world, and in the United States, Congress passed the Standard Time Act in 1918, which established the nation’s current time zones. Since then, Daylight Saving Time has been used on and off, with different start and end dates. If your smoke detectors do not work, or you do not have any smoke detectors, please contact Sheridan Fire-Rescue at 674-7244 and ask about the FREE smoke detector program. #dally