Pixar uses Wyoming as inspiration for 'The Good Dinosaur' setting

*h/t Pixar* (Casper, Wyo.) – According to national culture website, , the folks at Pixar spent time in Wyoming to gain ideas and inspiration for the setting in its upcoming feature film *The Good Dinosaur.* “The makers of *The Good Dinosaur* made a few research trips to Wyoming and Montana to try and get the landscape right in the film,” reports. “Including a trip whitewater rafting up the Snake River where they lost their GoPro in the water—only to retrieve it later, full of footage of getting swept away that proved invaluable.” The visits reportedly took place over the last couple years, and the design and cinematography crew fell in love with the Jackson Valley as a basis for the setting. A young dinosaur, Arlo, travels with a young caveman through the wide open country side that was inspired by our very own Wyoming mountains and plains. “In the end, the film is basically set at the base of the Grand Tetons, except that the designers added one fictional landmark: the Clawtooth Mountains, near where Arlo’s family lives,” io9 states. Watch the trailer below to pick out a few Wyoming features, such as the Tetons, Oregon Buttes, Yellowstone geysers, Wyoming ‘horn heads’ and more: *h/t youtube* #dally