Two Sheridan regulations changed by the Wyoming Game and Fish

*h/t Tom Reichner/Shutterstock* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — Two regulations changes in 2015 in the Sheridan Game and Fish Region include a change to the closing date of the deer seasons in Hunt Areas 25 and 28 and the opening day of pheasant season in Hunt Area 1. The general deer season in Hunt Areas 25 and 28 closed on Oct. 24. The Hunt Area 1 pheasant season will open on Nov. 7 and close Dec. 31. “The closing date in Deer Hunt Areas 25 and 28 changed in response to past hunter comments and seasonal movements of deer in those hunt areas,” said Tim Thomas, Game and Fish Sheridan District Wildlife Biologist.Thomas continued, “Hunters have expressed concern with mule deer numbers and buck quality. This is a step to address those concerns.” [image: Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.55.30 PM.png] *Shutterstock image* In 2015 the Hunt Area 1 pheasant season will open on November 7th. With the tradition of opening the pheasant season on the first Saturday in November in Sheridan and Johnson Counties, the opening calendar date changes each year. Because of regulation changes, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department routinely reminds hunters to read the hunting regulations before they head out to the field. Some regulations change from one year to the next, including what day a season opens and closes, bag limits or the gender of animal that is legal to take. Copies of regulations can be obtained at most hunting and fishing license selling agents, the Sheridan Regional Game and Fish Office or the Game and Fish website. Any questions regarding the hunting or fishing regulations can be addressed by contacting the Sheridan Regional Office of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at 307-672-7418. #dally