The CUTEST compilation of "WINNING" Halloween Photos from across Wyoming

*H/t Nicci and Marty Holdren* Halloween may be over, but we have just one more compilation of photos we think you’ll absolutely LOVE! Sheridan Dally, along with our 6 other Pitchengine communities across Wyoming, held an adorable Halloween Costume Photo Contest over the weekend. We asked, and you guys delivered. Across the state of Wyoming, we received over 500 spooky, adorable, and all-around amazing Halloween photos! Thank you to everyone who participated. Check out the 6 winners in each community below: 1. Oil City’s “Old Lady” h/t Angelina Saldivar [image: 12108069_743364702434070_7870193176537824755_n.jpg] 2. County 10’s adorable ‘peacock.’ H/t Nicci and Marty Holdren [image: 12118873_941495369270957_2338952434288886111_n-900x727.jpg] 3. 3. Jackson Hole Buckrail’s sweet ‘shark.” H/t Samantha Livingston [image: 12193430_1115724958439614_7854535027456913045_n.jpg] 4. Sheridan Dally’s ‘Ninja Turtle.’ H/t Alicia Kaeding [image: 12191411_198193843845334_575243959986663439_n.jpg] 5. Cheyenne Shortgo’s ‘Opie’ from Son’s of Anarchy. H/t Brittany Duggan. [image: 124ce9ce-ff20-4b64-a62e-9404521eb8ff.jpg] 6. Reboots, Jigsaw from Saw. H/t Sarah Whitlock. [image: ll1.jpg] #dally