Tim Barnes of The Black Tooth Brewing Company to speak at e2e Wyoming

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Join e2e Wyoming, a networking group for entrepreneurs, at the Best Western Sheridan Center at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10, to hear Tim Barnes talk about launching The Black Tooth Brewing Company. Tim was raised in Sheridan and attended Sheridan High School before graduating from MSU with a degree in Political Science. After founding Big Horn Leasing and Sheridan Computer in the early 2000's, Tim launched The Black Tooth Brewing Company in November of 2010. As it approaches its fifth anniversary, Black Tooth has continued to grow and is now the largest brewing facility in Wyoming. Prior to the expansion this summer, Black Tooth was only capable of producing about 35,000 cases of beer each year. Now that it has grown the footprint of the brewery by installing a larger brewing system, Black Tooth will be able to produce over 700,000 cases each year with plans to distribute statewide and to the seven surrounding states. In addition, Black Tooth's sales have increased by 40% year-to-date through the first half of 2015. Black Tooth Brewing Company has won 44 Medals in National and International Competition, including two World Beer Cup Awards, and twice named among Top 5 U.S. Breweries at the U.S. Open Beer Championships. Tim is active in the Sheridan community and the state as the Founder and President of the Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild, Board Member of the Wyoming Liquor Dealers Association, and Board Member of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce. Tim and his wife, Lynette, have one daughter and two dogs and enjoy calling Sheridan home. Register here. #dally #whatshappening