Story Golden trout end up in Laramie waters

*h/t photo Pitchengine Communities * (Laramie, Wyo.) — The Story Fish Hatchery is home to the nation's only brood stock of Golden trout. It is a delicate mix of temperature and setting that makes Story a good home for the trout, and supplemental fish not needed for the brood stock are often stocked in other Wyoming waters. The golden trout spawning program at Story Fish Hatchery is unique in that it is the only fish hatchery in the nation that maintains a genetically pure population of golden trout for egg collection purposes. The annual in-state stocking requests for golden trout range from approximately 30,000 to 45,000 three-inch fish. Most recently, a supplemental brood recruitment lot was placed in waters near Laramie this October. "The golden trout that were stocked in (Crystal) Reservoir near Laramie came about from eggs taken at Story Hatchery," Bud Steward, Public Information Specialist for the Sheridan Region of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, said today. The eggs were initially transferred to the Ten Sleep Hatchery, where the fish grew to a size where they were sexually mature — usually about two years old, Stewart said. When the trout reach that stage, the Game and Fish determine how many adult fish are needed at the Story Hatchery to produce the number of eggs to meet the demand for fish stocking. The excess fish that are not transferred to the Story Hatchery are stocked in Wyoming waters — this time, the fish went to Granite Reservoir near Laramie. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked 700 nine-inch golden trout in Crystal Reservoir. “These golden trout will provide anglers with an opportunity to catch this unique species close to home without a strenuous hike to an alpine lake,” said Robin Kepple, Laramie Region information specialist with the Game and Fish Department. In 2014, The Game and Fish Department stocked 1,150 golden trout from the Story brood in 10 ponds in the Pole Mountain area between Laramie and Cheyenne. Golden trout are native to California and have been introduced to many alpine lakes in Wyoming. A golden trout is distinguished from a cutthroat trout by borders of white on its paired fins, and from rainbow trout by its smaller scales and spotting only on the posterior part of its body. Golden trout are readily caught with spinning, bait and fly-fishing gear. #dally