#MemoryMonday: John Holstedt outside the Sheridan County Courthouse

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Here you see notable Sheridan resident John Holstedt outside the Sheridan County Courthouse just after the turn of the Twentieth Century. Holstedt came to Sheridan in 1905, and worked as a telegraph operator for the Burlington Railroad. A talented musician, he later owned a radio repair and music store located in the Kibben Hardware building. The oldest of the BNSF predecessor railways was founded in 1849: the Aurora Branch Line, which would eventually grow into the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, according to the BNSF. And it looks to us as if Holstedt was reading a copy of the Chicago Examiner ... We can only guess what story he found so engrossing — perhaps something about the future of communication across the country! *John Holstedt / Photo from the Holstedt Collection, Sheridan County Museum* #dally #news