10 Things to Know about Snow Removal in Sheridan

(Sheridan,Wyo.) — Despite the fact that Sheridan has not yet gotten much snow, winter is coming, Mathers Heuck, operations superintendent for the City of Sheridan told the City Council last night. Heuck outlined ten things the public should know about snow and ice removal in Sheridan. 1) Snow/ice removal is one of the most important things the city does. "It comes down to public safety and quality of life," Heuck said. "We want to make sure that essential mobility is always going on, which means emergency vehicles and services, schools" can access infrastructure. 2) Managing snow and ice is a balancing act. "I am talking about people, equipment, and the biggest limiting factor is the trucks we have in town," Heuck said. 3) Mother Nature is in charge. Last year, the City of Boston received a record 111 inches of snow, and had an "open checkbook" to pay for removal. But in extreme cases like that one, Heuck said, Mother Nature is in charge, and no matter what crews do, more falling snow can stall removal. 4) The City wants to know when and where there are issues. "We want you to call us, we want to know what we need to do to make things acceptable," Heuck said. 5) There is a city ordinance that states that snow from driveways cannot be put into the street. "There is a reason for that, and the biggest one is the mail delivery," Heuck said. Snow melts on one day, refreezes and then "you have other problems. ... Please put the snow in your yard and it will be good for your lawn in the spring." 5) The City's snowblower can fill a truck in under 20 seconds. "When we are picking up snow, we use pretty much every truck we can, along with the city's fleet. It is amazing the volume of snow we can pick up," he said. That said, picking up snow is a challenge. "If we have another storm right away, we may not get to pick it all up," Heuck said. 6) Packed snow is considered an acceptable level of service. "If you can get to work or the store ... that is an acceptable level of service," he said. 7) The City's snow removal crews work 24-7, mostly at night, and they work all holidays and on call. "I encourage all of you to thank them — it is amazing what they do," Heuck said. "These guys are fantastic." 8) Text SNOW to 28748 to receive the City's snow emergency route alerts. "The hardest thing those guys do is picking up snow when there are cars in the area," Heuck said. 9) Stay back 200 feet from the snowplow. 10) The City uses IceSlicer to melt ice and snow. *Feature photo Wikimedia Commons / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news