Sheridan County high school students prepare "We the People" competition

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — In front of a packed audience, students from Sheridan High School and Arvada-Clearmont High School participated in a joint rehearsal tonight for the upcoming We the People regional competition Dec. 7 in Casper at the Sheridan County Fulmer Library. The students prepared for the qualifier with questions from a panel including state Sen. Bruce Burns, R-Sheridan and state Rep. Rosie Berger, R-Big Horn. Burns asked a group of students how to make the political system more accessible to today's youth. Several students responded that young people are busier than ever today, and most get their information in a faster-paced setting than previous generations. Information must be accessible to students where they get it — online, the students said. The rehearsal tonight and state competition in Casper are lead-up events before the 29th annual We the People National Finals, which will be held at the University of Maryland on April 22-25, 2016. During the national event, more than 1,200 high school students and teachers from throughout the nation will demonstrate their civic knowledge by competing in congressional hearings on the Constitution. *Students prepare for an upcoming We the People competition in Casper at the Sheridan County Fulmer Library tonight. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news