Wyoming House Rep. Tim Stubson to run for U.S. seat vacated by Cynthia Lummis

(Casper, Wyo.) — State House Rep. Tim Stubson, R-Casper, is running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat left open by Rep. Cynthia Lummis, who has said she will not run for re-election . Stubson has served in the Wyoming House of Representatives since 2008. In his time with the Wyoming legislature, he served as House Majority Whip 2013-2014, and is currently the House Speaker Pro Tempore through the 2016 legislative session. Stubson has been a practicing Wyoming attorney for nearly 20 years, and lives in Casper. Stubson said he has seen how pervasive federal management is at the state level in his tenure in the state house. "Dealing with that at a state level can be frustrating," Stubson said. In his practice as an attorney, he has also seen small businesses and Wyoming families affected, and said that is his motivation for running. Stubson said people shouldn't have to "hire a graduate-level accountant to figure out how to pay taxes," and that too much federal oversight "hampers our abilities as citizens to succeed." Another of Stubson's major concerns is that the federal government spends way more money than it makes. "We are funding our needs today, and putting that on the backs of our kids," Stubson said. Liz Cheney may seek the U.S. Representative seat, and Casper business owner Charlie Tyrrel has also expressed interest. *Feature Photo h/t Tim Stubson / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #oilcity #reboot #county10 #county17 #buckrail #shortgo #news