App now tells the story of the Black Diamond Byway

(Sheridan County, Wyo.) — Sheridan County used to be full of busy, bustling but tiny mining towns — Acme, Dietz, Carneyville, Monarch and Kooi were all filled with miners making their way at the turn of the 20th Century. Several years ago, the Sheridan Community Land Trust debuted its Black Diamond Byway project, an auto tour that interprets Sheridan County’s mining heritage and tells the story of those who lived and worked in the historic coal mining towns just north of Sheridan. That story is now available on the TravelStorys GPS app. Previously, the audio component of the tour was only available on CD. Now, in part because of funding from the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (WYSHPO), Sheridan Travel & Tourism, and assistance from Sheridan Media and Senator Dave Kinskey, anyone can download the free TravelStorysGPS app on iPhone or iPad to experience the rich history of this area in a whole new way. The SCLT will still continue to offer the tour in CD format in addition to the app for those who do not have access to this technology. TravelStorysGPS, LLC is a mission-driven mobile app development company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They seek to transform cultural interpretation and enjoyment of places into accessible and memorable experiences through the latest developments in location-based storytelling and content delivery. “Storytelling is the captivating and enduring way that we entertain and communicate best with each other and learn about places," Founder Story Clark said. "I wanted to use mobile app technology as a portal to, rather than a barrier from connecting us to great places. Even if a listener never gets out of their car, they will now be able to connect with the land in a meaningful and unique way.” The Black Diamond Byway audio features narration by Sen. Dave Kinskey, and guides travelers with directional cues, making it easier to locate historic sites and focus on the voices of the past. "We plan do a more extensive launch of the app in the spring, but wanted to share this great news so you can go ahead and check it out," the SCLT says. #dally #news