Kendrick Park bull elk euthanized by Sheridan PD Sunday after suffering in its old age

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — On Sunday, Sheridan Police shot and killed a bull elk that had been living in Kendrick Park. The elk was suffering and at an advanced age, Mathers Heuck, operations superintendent for the City of Sheridan said Tuesday. "He had not moved from the same location for two days," Heuck said, and much like putting a dog to sleep, euthanizing the elk was the humane thing to do. The City consulted with the Game and Fish before euthanizing the animal. Because of the elk's age and condition, the remains were destroyed. The City did not feel comfortable donating its meat, Heuck said. Because elk are classified as wildlife by the Game and Fish, "no one can really own elk," Heuck explained. The City of Sheridan is permitted under Game and Fish regulations to possess elk for educational and display purposes, according to Bud Stewart, public information specialist with the Sheridan Region of the Game and Fish. The City is responsible for the day to day care and upkeep of the elk in Kendrick Park, and they do this in consultation with Game and Fish. Heuck said a Game and Fish warden and biologist check on the elk regularly, giving the City advice on the animals' care. Bison in Sheridan County are not classified as wildlife — they are livestock, in the same category as cattle — and therefore Game and Fish has no jurisdiction over the buffalo in the park. The City owns the bison in the park, much like a rancher owns cattle, Heuck said. The City permit allows for up to five elk in the park, and there are now two living on City property. *Bull elk in Kendrick Park. William Harasym / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news