Five Things You Didn't Know About Sheridan's Mrs. Claus

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — All of Sheridan loves *Judy Taylor* — but did you know *Mrs. Claus* loves her too? Mrs. Claus will be at the Sheridan Christmas Stroll greeting children in City Hall on Friday from 4-8 p.m. And because of the two's closeness, here are *five things* you may not have known about Mrs. Claus, as told to Dally by *Judy* herself! 1) Mrs. Claus first started *visiting Sheridan* via radio in 1983 on KROE. The station would play records designed as 33s at 78 speed, making Julie Andrews and Elvis Presley sound like Santa's elves. Mrs. Claus would famously call in from the North Pole to read Sheridan chidlrens' letters aloud. She also read serialized Christmas tales, including "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. 2) Mrs. Claus was known in her radio days to have Santa's elves deliver *anonymous gifts* to Sheridan children. One child once wanted polar bear fur — and with Judy Taylor's magical help (and big white dog) — the child's wish came true. Another child wanted wavy hard candy, so the elves delivered ribbon candy to her doorstep. 3) Mrs. Claus has *made all her own clothing* since appearing in person at the Sheridan Christmas Stroll. Her first appearance was at the Snowmads Club, and she was invited so late in the season she did not have anything to wear! She sewed her lovely red outfit in time, and now is on her fifth dress. Mrs. Claus will have a *new hair style* at this year's Stroll — the first since 2004, so be sure to pay her a compliment. Santa will also have a new suit, made with love by Mrs. Claus. 4) Mrs. Claus can cook, but she doesn't sing. Her favorite *holiday flavors* are traditional: cloves and cinnamon, and baklava. Santa can't return home without baklava for Mrs. Claus on Christmas night! 5) Mrs. Claus loves children, but knows babies between 18-26 months might be a bit *afraid to sit on Santa's lap*. The fear is absolutely normal, and can often return around age 4. She says parents are welcome in the photos, and that she doesn't want kids to be afraid, so parents shouldn't force their kids to sit with she or Santa. *...* *Judy Taylor* herself was born in Sheridan's Reynolds Home, a clinic where many Baby Boomers were born. She was raised in Sheridan, and has been active in the community her entire life. She was a member of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce board and a Chamber Ambassador for 22 years. She loves to organize, and has done sales, personnel, radio, hotel work and more in her career. When her kids were little, she was the fashion department manager for Montgomery Ward, a former downtown Sheridan department store. When she was a girl, Taylor loved to play with her siblings on a huge swing set in their yard. She organized, planned and promoted a neighborhood circus, charging five cents for admission, two cents for Kool-Aid and three cents for popcorn. "For 10 cents, you could see the show, have a snack and a drink!" she remembers, laughing. Taylor did move from Sheridan with her husband George for a short time. When their children were little, the two ran the CX Ranch in Big Horn County, Montana, and Taylor even did irrigation work in the spring. She can remember the cold water filling her boots. Taylor umpired her sons' baseball games, served on their school board and taught kids in the area that there is "no such word as can't." Today, Judy and George have been married 53 years. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Taylor and Mrs. Claus at the Christmas Stroll Friday, in City Hall from 4-8 p.m. *Feature photo Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news