City admin petition still in circulation, Mayor says City would pay for an election

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — In October, the Sheridan City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that would allow for the hire of a city administrator. Shortly thereafter, Banner resident Vicki Taylor has been collecting signatures on a petition to put the issue to the voters. Taylor says that she has collected over 450 signatures on the corner of Loucks and Gould streets, where she has been sitting every morning for months. She also has the petition in circulation at Furniture Finders and Pay E Assistance, and has the petition in the basement of the old Woolworth’s Building under the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce. "Every signature counts," Taylor said. "If you think you would like to vote on this issue, come put your name down." Taylor says she needs to collect 523 signatures — a number based on the total registered City of Sheridan voters in the last election — within 60 days of the council vote Oct. 6 to call for a public vote, and that date is fast approaching: Dec. 17. The city will then have 90 days to hold an election. Sheridan Mayor John Heath says the city council will have to shoulder the cost of a special election, which may be $60,000 or more, considering it will take staff to certify the signatures on the petition and then to open precincts for voting. Heath said the council feels that because of the complexities of managing a $50 million "company" — the City of Sheridan — a city administrator would be a wise hire. "We have a city to run, and we are facing funding challenges from our state," Heath said. "We want a city administrator to make prudent decisions in the benefit of the city." Heath said that as elected officials, the council was asked by the citizens to make decisions on the operations of the city — that is why an election wasn't held in the first place on the city administrator issue. Heath said only City of Sheridan residents will vote on the issue. *Feature photo / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news