City administrator petition submitted to the City

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — A petition circulating for months since the Sheridan City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that would allow for the hire of a city administrator in October has been submitted to the City of Sheridan. The petition has been received, and the City is now undergoing the process of certifying signatures and verifying that they are from voting city residents. The City has 90 days from its submission to hold an election. Sheridan Mayor John Heath recently told Dally the City will shoulder the cost of a special election, which may be $60,000 or more, considering it will take staff to certify the signatures on the petition and then to open precincts for voting. Heath said the council feels that because of the complexities of managing a $50 million "company" — the City of Sheridan — a city administrator would be a wise hire. Banner resident Vicki Taylor collected the majority of the signatures near the Sheridan Post Office. In Cheyenne, residents recently voted down an initiative that would have allowed the City to hire an administrator. That election cost the City of Cheyenne $25,000 , according to Dally sister site Shortgo . *Feature photo: Taylor earlier this fall near the Post Office. /