(Sheridan, Wyo.) — We tip our Dally hats to John Matejov, who shared these great photos with Sheridan Dally. He says: "When driving northbound on Interstate 90 between Sheridan and Billings yesterday, I saw that a trucker had pulled over and was decorating this tree! He had hauled a ladder and a box or two onto the median to do it. On my way back to Sheridan I had to take these photos." "HIGHWAY CHRISTMAS CHEER!" "It put an immediate smile on my face while driving through a remote area of highway to be sure! Hats off to this trucker! :-) Merry Christmas!" We agree — thank you to the decorator, and thank you to John Matejov for sharing these photos with Dally! Have a great photo to share? Send it to Dally! *h/t John Matejov / Pitchengine Communities* *​h/t John Matejov / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news #snapped