Five planets to be visible later this month for the first time since 2005

(Wyoming) — The Cheyenne Astronomical Society shared with Shortgo that there will be five visible planets in the sky at the same time in Wyoming towards the end of January and into February. If skies are clear then, expect to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the pre-dawn skies by the end of January. All five visible planets will appear simultaneously before dawn and remain visible until Feb. 20, according to EarthSky. Mercury is expected to become visible on Jan. 20 before sunrise, showcasing the five visible planets for the first time since 2005. Currently, only three planets are visible early in the morning, Venus, Mars (just to the upper right of the moon), and Jupiter just before dawn. Later this month here's what to look for: Jupiter rises in the east at late evening Mars rises next an hour or two after midnight Then Venus and Saturn climb up above the southeast horizon concurrently about 2.5 hours before sunrise Venus and Saturn team up to stage a particularly close planetary conjunction on January 9 #dally #news