Expert: Wyoming Arch Coal employees are likely least at-risk

(Wyoming) — Arch Coal employees in the Powder River Basin are likely among the least at-risk in the company, a University of Wyoming expert says. Arch Coal announced this morning that the company has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. "The PRB is one of the few Arch assets that is currently performing very well," Robert Godby, Director of the Center for Energy Economics and Public Policy at the University of Wyoming, said in an email to the Pitchengine Communities today. "In this reorganization, that asset can either be used to continue to create revenues for restructured debts, or it may become a takeover target of other firms, where such a sale could be used to raise revenues for creditors," Godby said. "Either way, employees in the PRB are among the few assets right now creating cash and revenues for Arch, and therefore they are likely to be quite safe." "Front office and executive staff in the company may not be so lucky," he continued. *Feature photo: Coal mining operation in Wyoming h/t Jim Parkin/ / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #springcity #county17 #county10 #buckrail #reboot #shortgo #oilcity #news