Obama hits Wyoming hot button issues in final State of the Union

(Wyoming) — President Obama gave his eighth and final State of the Union address tonight. While the president talked about the big picture, saying he wants to keep America "safe and strong" for the next five to ten years, he also touched on some hot-button issues that matter in Wyoming — issues we have covered on Pitchengine's community news streams. Obama said this nation's leaders must "fix a broken system" in relation to immigration reform, but a survey of Wyoming residents on immigration shows Wyoming residents are divided on the issue. The president said the country must protect children from gun violence, but the Wyoming delegation recently expressed disapproval of Obama's executive orders on guns. He briefly discussed the repeal of No Child Left Behind and the new Every Student Succeeds Act, in which Wyoming is already ahead of the curve . Obama said it is important to raise the minimum wage, and according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, to afford a two-bedroom rental in Wyoming, the minimum wage must be $14.98 . He also discussed the state of unemployment, where Wyoming is significantly below the national rate of 5.0 percent with 4.0 percent unemployment. The president also talked about health benefits — and Wyoming is among the most expensive places in the nation to purchase health insurance. When addressing international affairs, Obama stated that his number one priority is to protect American people and go after terrorist networks. "We need to take them out,” said the president, referring to ISIS, which Wyoming officials have said have connections in Wyoming . What did you think of President Obama's final State of the Union address? *Feature photo: / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news