Sheridan Junior High School Principal Mitch Craft named Wyoming's 2016 National Distinguished Principal

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Everyone in Sheridan knows how great Sheridan Junior High School Principal Mitch Craft is. Stoic, dedicated, a model for the community, an example for students and teachers alike — this is how the students, teachers, staff and administrators at Sheridan County School District #2 describe him. And now, he has been honored by the entire state as Wyoming's 2016 National Distinguished Principal . A crowd of over 700 gathered today in a surprise assembly for Craft at the SJHS Early Building Auditorium. Craft is the 36th principal to receive the award, and the fourth from Sheridan County School District #2. No other district in the state of Wyoming has as many awardees. SCSD#2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty told the crowd Craft is a "Bronc through and through." "He is our community," Dougherty said. "The constant for Mr. Craft is this: He has created, with you guys, the teachers, the staff and the students, the best school in the state. He is not only focused on every one of you as learners, but he is focused on the community." Craft joked that he was worried his students were missing third period before emotionally thanking the group for the honor. Craft will join the SCSD#2 administration as an assistant superintendent next year, so this will be his last as principal of SJHS. "We care about you and your future," Craft told his students. "The most important thing that I would like to say is just how much the kids in this community mean to me. I love Sheridan, and I love working with all of you." *Feature photo: Wyoming's 2015 National Distinguished Principal * *Brenda Creel of* *Laramie County School District #1 introduces Mitch Craft as the 2016 honoree at a surprise assembly today. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news