SCLT reports fradulent call asking for donations to Sheridan Police

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Add another to the spate of fraudulent phone scams circulating to the list. "We were notified today by a community member that they received a call recently from someone identifying themselves with the Sheridan Community Land Trust," Colin Betzler, Executive Director of the SCLT said in an email message today. The caller informed this community member that they were past-due on SCLT membership and asked that they make a large payment over the phone with their credit card. "Fortunately, this community member recognized the fraudulent nature of the call and declined making any payment," Betzler said. SCLT has reported the incident to the police. "The security of our members and supporters is paramount to our organization. Please understand that SCLT will never call you to inform you of a past-due membership, nor will SCLT ever request or demand any payment over the phone," Betzler continued. *Feature photo h/t / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news