Home brewers across Wyoming are seeking to amend the state regulations to allow them to share their creations

The Casper Brew Club, the Intellectual Brewers Union (IBU), and fellow home brewers are starting the New Year off with high hopes of changing current state statutes to allow home brewers to share their creations and host brew competitions in Wyoming. The club was started in 2010 by a group of local home brewers who wanted to share their successes, failures and their unique creations. IBU member, Bob Shellard commented, "Our aim is nothing more than changing the old wording in the regulations to allow us to continue to brew beer and share our creations." According to the current regulations, the club and individual home brewers are hampered by the wording of the out-dated statute. The statute states: ​ ​The last line of the statute highlights the issues faced by home brewers: *Provides that any person may manufacture fermented or malt beverages in limited quality for his sole personal consumption.* "To me, and us as home brewers, the current law is prohibiting us the chance to brew beer. We like to share our products and have competitions. When it was brought to light that we were in violation of the statute, we took action," said Shellard. The club created a Petition to generate interest share information about the growing issue. They also joined forces with home brewers around the state, including Hugh Turk, from Kaycee. Turk reached out to Johnson County Senator Kinsey to get the ball rolling. Turk reported, "The craft beer movement is sweeping the West with quality over quantity and more about science and technology. Us brewers like to celebrate the unique process. It is a process of doing the little things right and brewers take a lot of pride in their work, it would be nice to share our creations with one another." Turk was the man who threw the first pebble to Johnson County Senator Kinsey and he told us it then spread to an avalanche of support. "Hugh is the man to talk to. He put in the leg work and made things happen. He has been the forerunner and the instigator," Shellard told Oil City. "The rules are not being weakened, just clarified. We can keep the original intent of the law, but make changes to allow us to share our brews," said Turk. Senator Dave Kinskey spoke with Oil City and commented, "According to the current state law, there are two things that are binding and holding up these brewers' competitions. One, the state law states that brewers can only brew for personal consumption. So when you share your home brew with your buddy, you are technically breaking the law." Kinskey went on, "The second hangup is when there are competitions or sharing of brews, there is generally a cover fee to get people into the event. This possess a problem of one selling their beverage which is against regulations." Senator Kinskey has drafted a current bill that he will bring to the Wyoming Legislature session to alter the wording of the regulations. -Click the link to see the drafted Bill - "To me, this bill dovetails with the recent Food Freedom Act. It continues to encourage artisans, bakers, growers, and now brewers a way to sell and share their products." He concluded by stating, "This is something that should be enabled by the state and not stopped." To learn more about this contact the state legislature or contact the IBU at (307)-267-0872. #dally #oilcity #news