Maryland teen compares 'Jonas' to life in Wyoming, see a map of what causes snow days here

(Wyoming) — Snow has pummeled the East Coast, and while we may be used to big storms in Wyoming, other parts of the nation are not. In an Associated Press article circulating in major publications from FOX News to the Boston Herald, one teen shoveling snow quipped that living through the storm was like living in the "middle of Wyoming:" [image: Inline image 1] h/t Boston Herald According to this 2014 map created by a Reddit user and widely circulated by The Atlantic, it usually takes over two feet of snow to cause a snow day in Wyoming. [image: Inline image 2] So far, winter storm Jonas has brought more than two feet of snow to Baltimore, New York City and D.C. areas. *Feature photo: Snowy roads on top of Teton Pass / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news