Dayton deer 'Mr. Twister' is normal other than strange antlers

(Dayton, Wyo.) — Have you seen this deer around Dayton? According to a post on Facebook group Tongue River Happenings, locals call him Corkscrew, or Mr. Twister, depending on who you talk to. Dayton resident Dennis Wagner shared these photos with Dally , and we asked Dayton Game Warden Dustin Shorma to explain to us just what is going on with his antlers. *[image: Inline image 2]* *Feature photo and above h/t Dennis Wagner / Pitchengine Communities* "Other than his antlers growing strangely, he's a perfectly normal deer," Shorma said. "No disease issues that I'm aware of, and other than his strange antlers, he's just a mule deer." Wagner said that as a part of the local "backyards' herd," the young mule deer can seem ostracized, but Shorma said he himself has not observed the animal having any negative interactions with other deer because of his strange antler configuration. "What is going to be interesting is to see how his antlers progress as he ages," Shorma said. "I would assume he would keep this kind of 'curling' as he matures." Shorma said he would assume there must be some genetic component to this animal that's causing strange antler growth. "I have observed mule deer in other parts of the state with antlers that are very similar to this guy's," Shorma said. Below, Shorma has shared pictures of similar animals with Dally. The first deer was photographed near Four Corners between Sundance and Newcastle and the second photo was taken east of Sheridan. "All same strange 'curly' configuration, all perfectly healthy deer," Shorma said. [image: Inline image 3] *h/t Dayton Game Warden Dustin Shorma / Pitchengine Communities* [image: Inline image 4] *h/t Dayton Game Warden Dustin Shorma / Pitchengine Communities* Do you have a photo — or a nickname — for this unique deer? Or for other local wildlife? Share your story with Dally! #dally #news