#MemoryMonday: Big Goose footbridge near Acme

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Now located on the Black Diamond Byway Trail, Acme was once a busy early 20th Century town, home to hardworking miners and their families. The Byway is located on public roads and travels north of Sheridan, passing by Dietz, Acme, Carneyville, Monarch and near Kooi, according to the State Historic Preservation Office . It was established in conjunction with the Sheridan Community Land Trust . "Along the Byway, there is still physical evidence of foundations and tailings associated with the mines and communities of Dietz, Kooi and Carneyville," SHPO says. "Several of the mines and communities have left visible testaments to their existence, including mine entryways, a town water tower, Catholic church and two cemeteries associated with the town of Monarch, and a remaining power plant and water tower at the former townsite of Acme." Here, you can see the old footbridge shown cross Big Goose Creek near the old mining town of Acme. Children of Acme families used to cross it for school. This photo heralds from the Layton Collection, Sheridan County Historical Society & Museum. *Feature photo and above ​h/t Layton Collection, Sheridan County Historical Society & Museum / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news