Fort Mackenzie High School students meet with Sheridan Resource Staffing for mock interviews

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Resource Staffing of Sheridan has a message for today's job-seeking students. "If you have a Facebook page and you’re applying for a job, it’s being looked at, so keep it clean!” Resource Staffing’s Director of Operations Jeremy Reynolds advises his clients, which last week included 14 career-bound Fort Mackenzie students. The students are preparing to enter the workforce in the hopes of advancing their careers, and to that end, worked with Resource Staffing last week in an intense mock-interviewing process. The mock interviews were designed to train the students to prepare for the real deal. Fort Mackenzie High School teacher Kathleen Pilch invited Resource Staffing to meet with students one-on-one. Resource Staffing met with each student individually to evaluate their resumes, applications for employment and conduct mock interviews. The students were scored on their interviews and given feedback on the areas they could make improvements in order to stand out from the crowd. "It was a lot of time on our part, but getting to interact with each of these kids was worth it," Resource Staffing CEO Kathy Coleman said after meeting with the students, reviewing 14 resumes and spending 20-plus hours working on materials. “I’d encourage every high school student to remember that today’s employers are looking at much more than just your resume and how you dress," Reynolds added — they are looking at your online profiles too. *Feature photo: Kathy Coleman, CEO of Resource Staffing and Jeremy Reynolds, Director of Operations with a student from Fort Mackenzie. h/t Resource Staffing / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news