Safety in the Bighorns during Wyoming's dangerous but beautiful winters

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Across Wyoming, winter can be a beautiful but dangerous season. Over the weekend, two Teton County skiers were killed , bringing the total number of deaths this winter in that area to five. And in Casper, a man recently succumbed to hypothermia within city limits. In that vein, Bighorn National Forest has shared the following rules and tips for safe winter recreation in the forest. - Be prepared for the worst by carrying extra food and water, warm, dry clothing, and making sure your vehicle is equipped for winter travel - Check the weather forecast and road conditions - Be aware of your surroundings - Don’t ride, ski, or snowshoe alone - Let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to return - Most areas of the forest are outside cell phone coverage, so don’t rely on a cell phone for communication - Carry a SPOT device - Snowmobilers, snowshoers, and skiers should carry an avalanche beacon, a shovel, and a probing pole - Carry a GPS unit and a map - Snowmobilers should carry tools and an extra clutch belt - If visibility is poor, don’t go. If visibility deteriorates, stay put until conditions improve, or proceed with extra caution. “Whether your interest is snowmobiling, skiing, or just enjoying the quiet beauty of the forest, we think the Bighorn National Forest is a special place in the winter,” said Dave McKee, recreation program manager for the forest. *Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news