"Major Sheridan": Kendrick Park lion born July 26, 1949

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Do you remember the Kendrick Park Zoo? Perhaps its most famous resident was "Major Sheridan," the resident lion, who was born in the park in the late 1940s. According to "Memories of Monkeys, Lions and Bears: A Zoo in Kendrick Park" by Eva Potts Wells-Burton and published in a summer 2009 issue of The Log, the official publication of the Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum, Potts Wells-Burton's father was the zookeeper. The land for the zoo in Kendrick Park was donated to the city by John B. Kendrick in 1905. A warrant for two bears for $150 was drawn in favor of a man named Rudolph von Rovigno in 1910, according to Potts Wells-Burton, and the first park superintendent was John D. Loucks, who was also the overseer for the zoo. Major Sheridan was born in captivity to a resident pair, Conga and Congeta, on July 26, 1949, when Potts Wells-Burton's father, Evart Potts, was zookeeper. ​*Feature photo and above: "Major Sheridan," the Kendrick Park Zoo's lion. h/t Sheridan County Museum / Pitchengine Communities​* Other zoo residents included wolves, coyotes, a badger, monkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, owls, white rats, deer, antelope, peacocks, chickens, a porcupine, and goats. "It is said that the chickens were there because the peacocks refused to set on their eggs, and a chicken hen would. In this way, the peacocks were propagated. By 1914, a number of exotic animals had been imported such as two alligators from Florida," Potts Wells-Burton wrote. "What became of these animals is lost to history," Potts Wells-Burton wrote. *Unidentified gentleman viewing a young bull in the zoo’s elk pasture. Photo h/t Sheridan County Museum/Harm Collection. / Pitchengine Communities* ​*W.E. Powell, zoo custodian, plays with Brownie, a young bear that became part of Sheridan’s Zoo family in the late 1930s. Photo from the Sheridan Post, 1939. h/t Sheridan County Museum / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news