Crews trim trees at Trail End; donate wood to local artists, families and composting at the landfill

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Last week, crews completed a major tree trimming project at the Trail End State Historic Site . Twelve people from seven different sites and offices worked on the project, including people from Curt Gowdy, Guernsey and Keyhole state parks; Trail End and Fort Phil Kearny state historic sites; the State Parks & Historic Sites Central Construction Crew; and the Eastern Regional Manager. Over a 21 hours spread out over three days, the crews completed the following: - Five dead/severely damaged trees were completely removed - About 18 trees - mostly 100-foot high Silver Poplars - were trimmed of dead and/or broken branches - Two very tall stumps left behind (Trail End says the stumps were left for an exciting upcoming project) - The grounds beneath the trees were completely cleaned of debris - About 768 cubic feet of firewood were transported to Medicine Lodge State Park - About 224 cubic feet of firewood were transported to Keyhole State Park - About 80 cubic feet of firewood were donated to low-income Sheridan residents - About 15,800 pounds - almost eight tons - of limbs, brush and sawdust were transported to the Sheridan Landfill (future compost) - About 5,000 pounds of carve-able wood were donated to a local artist Most of the trees at Trail End are over 100 years old, according to Trail End. That is well over their expected life span, and keeping them healthy is a challenge. "We are confident that this project will provide a major boost in their overall well-being, as well as removing a fair number of potential hazards (falling limbs)," Trail End says on its Facebook page. *​* *Feature photo and all photos above h/t Sharie Prout and Cynde Georgen Trail End State Historic Site / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news