Local students win at the Northeastern Wyoming Regional Science Fair

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Local students gathered for the Northeast Junior Division Regional Fair at Sheridan College Wednesday, and we have the results! Students from schools across the county placed, and will be traveling to Laramie for the state competition at the University of Wyoming March 6-8. Featured in the photo above is Sheridan Junior High sixth grader Ava Scheeler's project, "Beat to My Heart," which took first place in the Biomedical/Health Sciences category. Her project examined how different music changes a subject's heart rate. Here, Scheeler celebrates with her friends, and below you can see the medals awarded. See the full regional winners below. [image: Inline image 2] *h/t Tiffani Scheeler / Pitchengine Communities* [image: Inline image 1] *h/t Tiffani Scheeler / Pitchengine Communities* [image: Inline image 3] *h/t Tiffani Scheeler / Pitchengine Communities* *Animal Science* 1) Busy as a Bee, Samantha Rogaczewski, Holy Name 2) Fighting Colors, Claire Dube, Sheridan Junior High 3) Baby It's Cold Outside, Julia Smart, Holy Name HM) My Hybrids Genetics, Jerome Helvey, Tongue River Middle School HM) Moody Mares, Madison Blaney, Big Horn Middle School *Behavioral and Social Sciences* 1) Holiday Hype, Alex Garber and Seth Deutscher, Holy Name 2) How Far Does the Apple Fall? Mary Nicholson, Big Horn Middle School 3) Music and Emotion, Katie Magera, Holy Name HM) Game's Not Over Yet! Jacob Krogman, Newcastle HM) Using Mirrors to Create Phantom Sensations, Jocelyn Raymond, Sheridan Junior High School HM) What color is your memory? Julia Conrad, Sheridan Junior High School *Biochem/C & M Biology* 1) The Invincible Superwoman, Shannon Holzerland, Holy Name 2) What temperature of the day is it? Katie Turpin, Sheridan Junior High *Biomedical/Health Sciences* 1) Beat to My Heart, Ava Scheeler, Sheridan Junior High School 2) How Long Does it Really Take, Chloe Smith, Newcastle 3) Please Wash Your Hands, Alaina Laurence HM) What genre of music makes you run fastest? Piper Lieneman, Sheridan Junior High HM) Red Head Pain Tolerance, Emma Schroder, Tongue River Middle School *Chemistry* 1) Electricuting Beverages, Kate Moran, Sheridan Junior High School 2) Are We Clear, Carly Motsick, Big Horn Middle School 3) What's In Your Stomach, Kale Corley, Newcastle HM) Disappearing Liquids, Anna Melin, Big Horn Middle School *Earth and Environmental Sciences* 1) Strapping Tsunamis, Carly Craig, Big Horn Middle School 2) Soils That Boil, Chloe Schilling, Tongue River Middle School 3) Where would you lead a horse to drink? Stevie Will, Sheridan Junior High School HM) Slip and Slide, Keegan Johnston, Sheridan Junior High School *Energy and Transportation* 1) The New Way to Recycle Electricity, Jacob McIntyre, Tonge River Middle School 2) Speed Demons, Erick Wolfe, Newcastle 3) Food for Thought, Ryan Karajanis, Sheridan Junior High School HM) Fruit Powered Plants, Chris Johnston, Newcastle HM) Rocket Power, Payton Parks, Newcastle HM) Heat Me Up, Mick Fedderson, Sheridan Junior High School HM) Electricity of the Future, Henry Dickinson, Sheridan Junior High School *Engineering: Design and Innovation* 1) The Grass is Greener, Sierra Checketts, Newcastle 2) Flying High, Dulce Carroll, Sheridan Junior High School 3) Tesla Rules Edison Drools, Owen Cox, Newcastle HM) Fido Fetcher 2.0, Reed Rabon and Frank Sinclair, Sheridan Junior High School HM) Food for Fido, Matthew Ingalls, Sheridan Junior High School *Environmental Management* 1 (tie) The Mysterious Case of Dr. Crayfish and Mr. Coal 1 (tie) The Cost of Beauty, Shelby Stith, Newcastle 2) 12 Shakes, 1 Fold, Lauren Lacey, Newcastle HM) Best Way to Compost, Emerson Furhman, Sheridan Junior High School *Materials and Consumer Science* 1) All Cracked Up, Markie Whitney, Newcastle 2) Ice Ice Baby, Ayden Arnold and Kayden Bateson, Sheridan Junior High School *Microbiology* 1) You Don't Know Where That's Been, Francisco Gallegos, Holy Name 2) Flush, Flush, No Not the Toothbrush, C.J. Koval, Sheridan Junior High HM) Does Music Affect the Development of Bacteria? Reagan Mullaney, Tongue River Middle School HM) Balloon Growth, Alexis Drury, Newcastle *Physics/Astronomy/Planetary Science* 1) Call of the Shot, Carolina Anderson, Newcastle 2) The Usefulness of Static Electricity, Cade Relaford, Sheridan Junior High School 3) Heavy Material Catapult, Zack Custard, Newcastle HM) The Truth is in the Gel, Asia Graham, Newcastle HM) Magnet Muscle, Sean Sanders, Sheridan Junior High School *Plant Science* 1) Rough and Tough Turf, Katelin Rogaczewski, Holy Name 2) Magnitized Plants, Grace Harper, Sheridan Junior High 3) Manure and Grass Growth, Slade Roberson, Newcastle HM) Temperature on Germination, Bridger Alishouse, Upton HM) Plants on Parade, Jacob Elliot, Newcastle *Robotics/Computer/Mathematical* 1) Little Bo Peep Lost Her Sheep, Hailey Wehri, Newcastle 2) Boost Your WiFi, Morgan Smith, Holy Name 3) Do Computers Replace Teachers? Jules Pittsley, Sheridan Junior High School HM) Autobots Scale Up, Kevin Woodrow, Holy Name #dally #news