Update on bills sponsored by Sheridan County legislators

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) — Sheridan County legislators have sponsored a number of bills this year, and here is an update on the status of those bills. HB0135 , "Restrictions on public benefits," sponsored by bRep. Mark Jennings, failed introduction. The act would have required verification of lawful presence in the United States upon application for public benefits. HB0087 , "School finance-nonresident attendance," sponsored by Rep. Mark Kinner, was placed on the general file. The bill modifies provisions relating to part-time student attendance in nonresident school districts and revises annual computation of school district revenues to exclude tuition paid by one district to another district as specified. Rep. Michael Madden sponsored three education-related bills, all which failed on introduction this week. HB0090 , "School finance-transportation," failed introduction. The bill would have modified the reimbursement of school district transportation expenses. HB0091 , "School finance-average daily membership," failed introduction. The bill would have modified the definition of average daily membership. HB0092 , "School finance-regional cost adjustment," failed introduction. The bill would have provided for use of the 2015 hedonic wage index as specified for the regional cost adjustment of the education resource block grant model; modifying definitions as specified; allowing contracts with consultants; and providing for an effective date. Madden also sponsored HB0008 , "Property assessment test rules," which has passed second reading. The bill relates to taxation and revenue; revising the authority of the department of revenue to adopt rules related to the appraisal methods of county assessors; repealing related provisions accordingly. SF0027 , "Appraiser's lien," sponsored by Sen. Dave Kinskey, failed Introduction. The bill would have amended definitions as specified to include real estate appraisers as proper claimants for a construction lien. SF0062 , "Homemade beverages," a bill also sponsored by Kinskey, was introduced this week and referred on. Read more about the bill here . SF0070 , "Off-road recreational vehicles," sponsored by Sen. Bruce Burns, was introduced and referred on. The bill authorizes operation of off-road recreational vehicles as specified. SF0101 ,"Public health laboratory fees," sponsored by Burns, was introduced and referred on. The bill would authorize the Department of Health to establish fees for laboratory testing services as specified, specifying the use of the fees collected. SF0013 , "Severance tax distributions," sponsored by Burns, was withdrawn by its sponsor. The bill would have provided that a "portion of the statutory severance tax shall not be deposited in the permanent mineral trust fund for a specified time period." *Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news