Minimum wage and background question bills die

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) — As the second week of the 2016 budget session of the Wyoming State Legislature opens, our lawmakers will consider a number of new laws. Last week, two bills that would have changed life for employers in Wyoming were quickly killed during the first week of the 2016 Wyoming Legislative Session. House Bills 4 and 5, minimum wage increase and a prohibited job application question , were both squashed from being introduced for discussion. The wage bill would have significantly increased the mandatory minimum payment to employees from $5.15/hour to $9.50/hour. For tipped employees it would have increased from $2.13/hour to $5.50/hour. The bill also would have required employers to make up the difference between $5.50/hour and $9.50/hour should tips not close that gap. The minimum wage increase saw very little support by legislators, failing to be introduced in a 9-49 vote. Similarly, minimal support was shown for the proposed bill that would have restricted employers from asking about criminal backgrounds on job applications. The bill called the question prejudicial against applicants. This bill died with a 10-48 vote for introduction. #dally #news