Female elk in Kendrick Park may be pregnant

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — There may be a new member of the Kendrick Park herd this spring — a calf. "We are assuming the cow elk is pregnant," Mathers Heuck, P.E., operations superintendent for the City of Sheridan told Dally today. The City and representatives from the Sheridan Region of the Game and Fish will meet next week to discuss the future of the herd. The bull elk was euthanized last fall after struggling with complications of old age. The animal was 12 years old, an average life span for an elk. The gestation period for an elk is 240-262 days. Elk are classified as wildlife by the Game and Fish, and the City of Sheridan is permitted under Game and Fish regulations to possess elk for educational and display purposes. The City is responsible for the day to day care and upkeep of the elk in Kendrick Park, and they do this in consultation with Game and Fish. A Game and Fish warden and biologist check on the elk regularly, giving the City advice on the animals' care, representatives from the City and Game and Fish have explained to Dally. "Ultimately, the Game and Fish will have the final word, but I suspect a new male will be put into the park," Heuck said. "(We will) discuss our plan for the 'herd' going forward, and ... plan when and if a new bull will be introduced." *Feature photo: Female elk in Kendrick Park as seen today, Feb. 16 /