CIT Graduates: 'You guys are making a measurable difference in our community'

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Did you see an elderly man pulling a wagon of groceries through the street near St. Peter's today? He seemed lost. He seemed confused. He was definitely agitated. He was approached by Sheridan Police, who with an arsenal of training after this week, tried to diffuse the situation. [image: Inline image 1] *Feature photo and above: Former Sheridan Mayor Jim Wilson, with wagon, acts out a scenario with CIT participants Friday. / Pitchengine Communities* Inside the church, a young man, perhaps manic, acted strangely and admitted he was taken off his medication. Greeted by Sheridan Memorial Hospital staff, his condition was evaluated and he was admitted for more intensive care. [image: Inline image 2] *Role playing scenario with Sheridan College student Dawson Hudson-Miller, playing a hospital patient, and Rob Forister, Sheridan Memorial Hospital administrator. / Pitchengine Communities* It was all a part of the weeklong Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), a collaboration of law enforcement, mental health providers and mental health advocates that has been happening in Sheridan all week , led by the Sheridan Police Department and the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming Sheridan County's Wendy Bruso. "CIT has been around 28 years, and it is slowly becoming more and more popular," Sheridan Police Officer Katie Balthazor said. This was the first comprehensive class in Sheridan County, but the goal is to have all officers certified one day. "We (as officers) want to be able to help people in crisis," Balthazor said. "These (classes teach) the tools we need to get better results in a crisis. ... We don't just want to put people in jail." The 5-day, 40-hour training for law enforcement and first responders drew people from all over the community, from various agencies and backgrounds. Today, the following participants graduated from the program: Tom Barrett, Sheridan Police John Gale, Sheridan County Sheriff's Office Rebecca Nelson, Sheridan Police Kristen Etchchoury, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Spencer Kukuchka, Sheridan Police Ron Moseman, Wyoming Highway Patrol Dan Johnson, Sheridan Police Department Lori Bird, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Kelly Waugh, Sheridan Police Department Erin Carbert, Sheridan College Richard Burridge, Wyoming Highway Patrol Doug Slack, Sheridan Police Nate Walker, Sheridan Police Brandon Tillery, Sheridan County Sheriff's Office Randy Pitchford, Sheridan Police Carla Rogers, Sheridan Police Lois Bas, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Evaluators included Officer Arzy, Officer Hilsabeck, Officer Fitzpatrick and Officer Balthazor. "You guys are outstanding," Sheridan City Councilor Alex Lee said during the graduation. "You guys are making a measurable difference in our community." [image: Inline image 3] *Sheridan County Sheriff's Deputy John Gale receives his certificate after the weeklong CIT training. / Pitchengine Communities* See even more photos and catch up on the week's worth of trainings on the Sheridan County Suicide Prevention Page . #dally #news