Some want to change the way Wyoming picks its top Republican presidential candidate

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Republican parties from across the state have gotten a lot of questions about caucuses, and how Wyoming selects its candidates, Ryan Mulholland, Chairman of the Sheridan County Republican Party recently told Dally. "There is a lot of confusion on the process and at least one unaffiliated website that indicates Wyoming caucuses on Super Tuesday," Mulholland said. "That is not true." The state of Wyoming does not hold a general election-style primary like most states will on Tuesday. The Republicans in this state do not vote for a presidential candidate in caucus, but Wyoming has precinct caucuses in each county. Sheridan County's happened Feb. 20. See how and why Wyoming Republicans caucus here. "Many of us (perhaps all of us) dislike the current system," the Sheridan County GOP says. When the Republican National Convention moved the National Convention to July this year, it put the convention a month ahead of Wyoming's primary elections, but it did not change the way Wyoming voters influence who the Republican nominee for President will be. The current process for electing delegates to National Convention has been in place for some time, but efforts are under way now to change the system for Wyoming. "We hope to see this very topic up for debate, and perhaps ratification, during Wyoming's Republican State Convention in April," the Sheridan County GOP says. "Unfortunately, any changes this year will not impact how things must happen this presidential cycle." *photos: Trump h/t Gage Skidmore; Cruz h/t public domain; Rubio h/t Michael Vadon ; Kasich h/t public domain; Carson h/t Gage Skidmore * #dally #news