Forest Service seeks comments on tree thinning proposal

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — The Forest Service is seeking public comments on a proposal to thin trees throughout the Bighorn National Forest. Thinning of small diameter conifer trees is proposed in areas previously clearcut and where stand-replacing wildfires or severe weather events have occurred. The purpose of the proposal is to manage for the growth of larger trees and increase tree vigor and overall stand health. An average of 500 acres would be thinned annually. No permanent road construction is proposed, though up to one mile of temporary, low standard road may be constructed over the entire project area. No commercial harvest or product removal is proposed. No activities are proposed in inventoried roadless areas or in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Comments should be submitted by 4:30 p.m. April 4, 2016. Comments can be sent by regular mail or hand delivered to 2013 Eastside 2nd Street, Sheridan, WY 82801, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. Comments may be sent via fax to 307.674.2668 or email to More information about this proposal, including requirements for submitting comments, is available online at To learn more about this proposed project, contact Deb Lozinski at 307.674.2629 or *Feature photo: Morning in the Bighorns, h/t Dave Bezaire via Flickr /