Who is your favorite Wyoming woman?

(Wyoming) — It is International Women's Day! We sure have a lot of women to be proud of in this great state. *Susan Wissler *served as the first female mayor in the state of Wyoming — and one of the first known in the country. She was elected as Dayton's mayor and served from 1911-1914. ​*h/t / Pitchengine Communities* *Louisa Ann Swain* was the first woman in the world to cast a ballot under laws that allowed women full equality with men on Sept. 6, 1870 , in Laramie. ​*h/t The Louisa Swain Foundation / Pitchengine Communities* Though she may not have always been a law-abiding citizen, Martha Canary, aka Calamity Jane , could hang with the men at a time when few women wanted to try. *​h/t / Pitchengine Communities* Liz Byrd, an educator in Cheyenne for 37 years and was also the first African American senator of Wyoming. Byrd, according to the University of Wyoming, is well loved throughout the state. *​**h/t University of Wyoming / Pitchengine Communities* For even more notable Wyoming women, visit this University of Wyoming page full of historical profiles — or tell us about your favorite Wyoming woman, even if she happens to be your mom! *Feature photo: h/t Norwash Collection, Sheridan County Historical Society & Museum / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news