Buffalo High School musicians sweep Northwest Festival

(Powell, Wyo.) — There is beautiful music coming from Buffalo. Determined at the 33rd Annual Northwest Jazz Festival last week, the year’s “Outstanding Choir” is the Balladiers from Buffalo High School, under the direction of Lara Moline. "Buffalo performed at an extraordinarily high level and had wonderful attention to nuance and artistry," the judges said. The band that "impressed the judges the most," and who is this year’s recipient of the “Outstanding Band” award is Buffalo High School’s Bison Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Jason Bennett. The Bison Jazz Ensemble also performed well, earning a "1," as did Threat Level Midnight, both under Bennet's direction. See the Buffalo Balladiers perform at the Ucross Foundation's Christmas Celebration here: *Feature photo: Buffalo Balladiers at the Ucross Foundation's Christmas Celebration in December. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news