Lifelong Wyoming resident Ryan Greene makes bid for Congressional seat

(Wyoming) — Ryan Greene is "a working man for a working state." Greene is the only Democrat so far to throw his hat in the ring for Wyoming's Congressional seat, which will be vacated by Rep. Cynthia Lummis this fall. Greene and his family run Greene's Energy Service based in Rock Springs. At its peak, the company that started with one welding truck grew to employ 250 people and operated in three states, working with natural gas, coal, trona, fertilizer, project management and manufacturing operations. [image: Inline image 1] *All photos h/t Ryan Greene for Congress / Pitchengine Communities* Today, the company is a bit smaller — Greene himself knows the trouble Wyoming's biggest industry is facing. "I know what is realistic for the energy sector," Greene said. "I have spent my entire life in the energy sector." Greene said he is a "Wyoming Democrat"—not a D.C. Democrat, and one who supports programs like Medicaid. He also said he supports Wyoming's working class. "I have seen firsthand what policies that come down from D.C. can do to local people," Greene said. "It is a difficult (time) we are in, and I want to find realistic solutions for Wyoming." But Wyoming can’t afford to give Republicans a free pass, Greene said. "Today, not all, but some Republican politicians are voting to take away workers’ vacation pay, flip public lands for private homes, and gut Social Security and Medicare programs that we’ve already paid for. But they get away with it because of the 'R' next to their name on the ballot," Greene said. Wyoming has had the same problems for as long as Greene can remember—a boom and bust economy, and young people leaving the state every year. "Many of our Republican politicians just haven’t delivered lasting results … even though they’ve been in office for decades," Greene said. "To be clear—I’m not coming down on Republican voters. ... I’m just pushing to get voters to look under the hood." Greene lives with his wife and two children, a daughter and son, in Rock Springs. He coaches their little league teams and soccer teams—but does not do dance, he joked. He does, however, hope to create a bi-partisan energy coalition with surrounding states, if elected. "I don't care if a state is blue, red or purple—we need to take steps that put forth practical measures for realistic solutions" to Wyoming's current issues. [image: Inline image 2] *All photos h/t Ryan Greene for Congress / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #county17 #county10 #buckrail #oilcity #reboot #shortgo #springcity #news